Examples of Past Evaluation Projects

The Community Learning Partners Project (2001 – 2004)

The Community Learning Partners Project was a three year project funded by the ANZ Trustees, managed by Gawith Villa and Deakin University; a Reference Group – including Borderlands Cooperative - functioned as a guide, a think-tank, to help project staff, and as a conduit to social and professional networks that may help with the project. It was comprised of representatives of interest groups from the community sector (including disability self-advocacy groups, neighbourhood houses and learning centres, and disability services), academia, the funding body; other people who had skills and experience which may assist the project; and project staff. Borderlands was engaged to do an evaluation at the 2/3-mark of the project; the evaluation was both summative and formative in content, summative in that it described what had happened (though not in a chronological sense), what had been achieved to date, and the experiences of members of the Reference Group. It was formative in the sense that it was hoped that it would guide and inform those involved in the project as it continued to progress.

The central outcome of the project was a two-volume learning package, designed for people with intellectual disabilities working in partnership with people without disabilities and useful in the areas of work, recreation and adult education. Both partners learn from the relationship in terms of skills and confidence and, most importantly, the learning achieved is transferable. In addition, it was hoped that the context in which the partnership occurred would foster the following underlying goals:

  • better links between people (whether in ‘a community’ or a workplace),
  • a culture of inclusiveness (which might even translate into clearly articulated affirmative action policies and procedures), and
  • recognition for the learning that both partners engage in.      

Peninsula Youth and Family Services Reconnect Project

PYFS, Salvation Army

Evaluation of the impact of the Re-connect project activities. 

Evaluation of the Geelong Food Relief Centre 

Geelong Food Relief Centre Board

Borderlands was engaged to evaluate the operations of the Centre within the Greater Geelong region, establish the ongoing need for it, and how the centre is used and viewed by all stakeholders.

Evaluation of the Darebin Community Building (CB) Project 

Darebin City Council

Borderlands was engaged to provide ongoing formative evaluation as well as contribute to the development of further, sustainable community building processes.