Consultancy in Research, Evaluation

and Organisational Development


The Institute for Community Development, alongside Borderlands Cooperative undertakes a range of research, consultancy and project work for governments, NGOs and other organisations. We work in program design, evaluations; social and environmental impact studies & needs analysis. Projects are undertaken by members and colleagues with relevant academic research backgrounds. We favour participatory research and community engagement processes to ensure optimal relevance and validity of outcomes. Sustainability measures are included as integral to program design and evaluation. The Institute for Community Development is committed to transformative processes, practices and practical application of skills.

Building in sustainability measures and assessments has been a central feature of our social research and evaluation of projects and programmes. We have an extensive library of current journals, government policy and research literature and our researchers / consultants have membership in the Action Research Issues Association, ALARA and the Association of Researchers in Voluntary and Community Work (ARVAC – UK) and in several other professional associations and networks.

Our consultants have acquired – through the more than 90 consultancies and research/evaluations conducted over the fifteen years of our existence, together with their previous academic and professional research – diverse range of transferable social research, evaluation and community consultative skills. We also have an extensive network of contacts throughout Victoria – and more specifically in the project area –  n the community, voluntary and local government sectors, as a result of previous and ongoing community consultations, community development projects, and personal connections.

Borderlands Cooperative adopts a participatory approach with community development intentions in all our project work. As such, our approach would be one of collaboration and consultation with the Project Managers, Reference Groups, and other people who would be involved with the project.

We believe in establishing a re-iterative process between our research team and the managers and Reference Groups in relation to key deliverables for Projects. Thus, as we provide the project plan, an interim report and prepare the drafts of the final report, feedback, reflections and collaborative planning associated with meetings or communications will be reflected and transformed into successive draft reports, briefings and, eventually, into a final document./p>

We offer below a few examples of some of the work we have done in the community and public health sectors and in the context of conducting research for policy development, organisational development and planning purposes. More information about all of these is available upon request.


Current community development consultancy projects include:

City of Casey: 'Challenge' project evaluation

Prevention of gendered violence through the use of capacity building male community leaders, social marketing stratergies, and enhancment of organisational partnerships.

KRTV Firestorm: Digital Storytelling

Empowering the voices of Black Saturday fire-impacted citizens and enable personal and community experiences of disaster, and of recovery, to be recorded and shared.

• City of Darebin - Social and affordable Housing: a scoping paper

Increasing the supply of public housing, encourage the inclusion of an appropriate proportion of social housing in targeted developments, Developing Projects to respond to gaps in housing supply for people in housing stress in Darebin and maximising the use of government land for social housing.

• Northern Region Family Violence Network – Women's and Men's Help Cards

Evaluations Evaluation the Women's and Men's Help Cards and assessment of their impact, uptake and gap in use, and development of recommendations for the next phase of the Help Cards project.

• Catholic Care: Post-fire community restoration and rejuvenation at Kinglake.

Restorative justice for victims and offenders of the Kinglake bushfires.

• City of Port Phillip:

continuing the 10 year collaboration over a number of projects

• Inclusion Melbourne:

Facilitating the creation of linkages between disability organisations in the South East area so that they are networked and empowered to work collaboratively for the needs of citizens with a disability.