For Educators

Join us to co-design and implement integrative Community Development courses.


We have a number of leading educators and practitioners who have long-standing experience in community development education and consultation. We aim to work alongside existing practitioners and educators to co-create innovative Community Development short courses and workshops.


We aim to work together to thoughtfully combine your specialist industry-based practices (such as disaster relief, violence prevention, environmentalism, human rights etc) with our knowledge and experience in participatory community development education.

Walking alongside those who are eager to challenge and deviate from the dominant processes of education, we endeavour to push the traditional boundaries of education in order to engage in creative and integrated community development processes.


Community Development education outside this major paradigm is scarce,
but we have the opportunity to resist, re-imagine and recompose.


Collaboratively designed and implemented, this new-wave of education can encompass of one-off / series of workshops or long-term courses. These may consist of out-of-class work for participants, communities of practice, reading and research. Other design ideas are welcome. We encourage specific emphasis reflective and critical learning, as well as the recognition that in life teachers are often students and students are often teachers.


We can assist in coordinating advertising, reimbursement, curriculum, co-facilitating, fees, teaching spaces, etc.. Trans-disciplinary and pilot courses are welcome. Thoughtful and reflective working is encouraged. Charges and payments are by negotiation.


Join us in creating creative and integrated workshops / short courses in a variety of community development subjects.


To collaboratively run a workshop / course, contact:


Mish Colla / Jacques Boulet
Borderlands Cooperative 03 9819 3239
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.