Our People



  Jim Ife  
  jim Ife An internationally respected author in social work, community development and human rights, Jim has been a Professor of Social Work and Social Policy at both the University of WA and Curtin University, and Professor of Human Rights Education at Curtin University. Jim is the previous president of Amnesty International Australia and the previous convener of the Human Rights Commission at the International Federation of Social Workers. Jim is currently a lecturer in Community Development and Human Rights and has published 4 books.   





  Jacques Boulet  

Jacques Boulet Small“I like the metaphor of ‘being in conversation whilst walking alongside one another’. The benefits are mutual, I bring in my 50 years worth of experience and the learnings I made and these learnings would remain ‘active’ when received by someone who ‘applies’ or learns from them and therewith ‘re-actualises’ them so that I also keep learning” 

Jacques Boulet Co-founder of Borderlands Cooperative, Jacques has a lifelong university teaching and course development history in Social Work, Social Research and Community Development in Germany, USA, Hong Kong and Australia. Jacques is the former Head of the School of Social Work at RMIT University and former senior Lecturer at Melbourne University. Jacques is currently the Head of School of the oases Graduate School.




  Rob Nabben  
  Rob Nabben SmallWith 20 years experience in research, policy, academia and youth services, including 10 years as Lecturer at RMIT University for Youth Studies, Rob Nabben has extensive knowledge and experience in Community Development. Rob’s past projects have focused on community inclusion for marginalised groups, using a whole-of-community approach, often in collaboration with the Municipal Association of Victoria. Alongside his current position as Lecturer in International Community Development at Deakin University, Rob holds a training and education role in Borderlands Cooperative and the Oases Community Learning and Research Centre.