Anthill: A Place of Knowledge About Community Work & Community Management

By Neil Stuart, John Rule, Kate Nolan, Roy Bishop & Gael Kennedy.



There is a continuous emerging of communities and a continuous dying of communities. Each emergence is its own singularity. Some, perhaps many, emergent communities have been and are seen by part or all of contemporary society as unwelcome transgressions, even monstrous, something to be limited, tamed, even done away with.

What will be the landscape of community work in the ‘not yet’ time? We don’t know. But there will be rupture in the relationship between the state and newly emergent communities and reshaped emergent communities of our now time. Control will be transgressed. We can be certain of that. There is already rupture – communities emerging, resistant to colonisation by government, Anthill prefigures that time.

- Anthill Mob


 “Anthill, dedicated to my old Surry Hills comrade the late Enid Cook, brings together the writing of a range of community activists on the local as a focus for social life. It stands in the great tradition of popular empowerment, where multicultural and working class communities discover a strength that arises from solidarity. Anthill points to the pressures that governments place on communities, seeking to use them as nodes of control and oppression. This tension, between state power and people power, marks the pathways that lead to and through the Anthill.”

- Andrew Jakubowicz
Professor of Sociology
Cosmopolitan Civil Societies Research Centre
University of Technology Sydney

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